When I became a brand new mom, I remember this overwhelming feeling of love and excitement completely overcoming my whole being!

I have been offering placenta encapsulation since 2011. I am truly passionate about creating a happier and healthier postpartum period for mothers to let them heal, let them feel balanced and energized, and to have the strength both physically and emotionally to nurture and share their love with their children with a natural, safe and powerful supplement, uniquely designed by your body just for you!

I experienced two very difficult postpartum periods with my children. I had no energy. I felt very overwhelmed even with simple tasks like washing dishes. I had a lot of anxiety and outbursts of anger. Sometime after I gave birth to my second child, I learned about placenta encapsulation and the hormonal disbalance that the body goes through after birth.

After a lot of research and consultations with alternative medicine practitioners (Naturopaths, Chinese medicine doctors, sciropractors and other placenta encapsulation practitioners), who were all very supportive of the placenta benefits, I was ready to encapsulate my own placenta. After taking the capsules for a couple of days,  I slowly started to feel more like my old self. My energy level was back. I was able to do more. I started to get motivated to get my life organized and back on track again. I got ME back!

I have had only positive feedback from past clients. One mom called it the "Youth pill". Most dads unanimously call it the "Happy pill". In general, women agree that they definitely notice when they skip a pill.

Through the consumption of their placenta, all mammals around the world and many humans (who are waking up to the fact that they are also instinctual mammals when it comes to birth and nurture) can heal quickly after birth, feel great emotionally and have no afterpains without the involvement of pharmaceuticals, have an abundance of milk, fall asleep easier and feel more rested in the morning (on a new schedule of being awake every two hours to feed the baby).